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Stylish Winter Hats For 2012/13

How better to express yourself, than to wear a stylish hat for the coming winter of 2012 and 2013. Formerly worn as more of a status and warmth accessory, the modern hat is now an essential part of the wardrobe, commanding the utmost respect for individual style and design. There are an amazing collection of hats that will be popular this season. Here, we detail what varieties are hot for the the winter period and how to make them look stylish.

Charleston Chic

Cloche hats were a design that originated from the 1920's. They are wonderfully opulent and will give you a classy look, whilst promoting your feminism. The advantage of the Cloche, is that it's versatile. This hat can be worn for special occasions, and it's definitely apt for a small cocktail party. It will look great with a suit, as well as the coat that accompanies it. Invest in a pair of leather gloves, it will complete the look.

Saddle up Cowboy

Cowboy hats are making a d├ębut this winter. Do not be shy of this hat, you are going to shine as a trendsetter this season if you are wearing one. Wearing a cowboy hat is an art in itself, you cannot roll up to the office wearing this one. This will work amazingly well at an outdoor event, or for a day trip involving outside activities. Wearing short jackets, leather wear and anything with zips, will compliment its effect.

Fluffy Luxury

The fur hat is a likely candidate for the winter, but don't dismiss it too quickly. There are always changes in designs that entice us back to this extravagant luxury. The beauty of our fluffy friend, is that we can wear it with practically anything, dresses, suits, chunky knits and any footwear. It can also be worn for any occasion.

Gangster Grandeur

The Fedora hat is made in many fabrics including, felt and corduroy. These adaptable hats can be worn in many designs, there are panama style Fedoras and classic designs in many hues. Wear with a skirt and blouse combination to maintain the feminine touch, or for a more powerful look, add it to a trouser suit. You can wear a Fedora to any event.

Panache Peculiarity

Top hats, although seemingly a peculiar choice, are a quirky change from the norm. They are making their appearance this season and will dominate the boutiques. These hats cannot be worn with just any outfit, but adding one to a subtle suit will give a flamboyant look. A tuxedo is the item that you should avoid with this type of hat. Try wearing it to an opera, it will look impressive.

Woolly Wonder

Knitted hats are a comfortable choice, whilst keeping you warm and cosy. This year they will come in large knit format and interesting prints. You can wear a woolly hat with either casual or smart apparel, although wearing it to a formal gathering may not give you the appropriate look. You can purchase some great pastel colours to give a softer look, or buy something a little more daring to make a bold statement.

Hats are a versatile garment of clothing that can add a dash of style to any look, if you are looking for a tough and durable winter hat you can't go wrong with one from

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