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Korea makes its mark on the World's Fashion Industry

In the past, it is probably fair to say that eyes were not cast to Asia to find the latest fashion trends and the next big thing. Although always having its own unique style, Korean Street Fashion has always found that attracting attention from outside of Asia is difficult, but now that scenario is changing.

In recent times there has been a major shift in the fashion industry, so much so that Korean Fashion is now a standard bearer throughout the world. Gone are the days when the Korean fashion industry would seek influences from outside; now the roles are reversed and America and Europe now take note of Korean designs.

A major part of this new found popularity on both the catwalk and high street level is that Korean fashion blends the high end concepts we have come to expect from top designers, with the fun and exuberance of Korean street fashion. This makes for a colourful and exciting new dawn for the Asian fashion industry.

One of the things that make Korean fashion so vibrant is the fact that it is both unique and flamboyant. One of a kind designs are bursting on to the scene with regularity, while Korean street clothes are keeping up with an expanding current scene with everyday styles, and ready to wear store purchased clothes. Korean style has brought the elegance and sleek design expected of high end women's fashion and the rugged masculinity of the male, making Korean fashion everything from the Avant garde to the richly familiar.

Some may think that the emergence of Korean fashion on the international scene signals the rise of a fashion industry in the country that was simply not present before. This is not the case however, as Korea has a rich history for producing high calibre designers and noteworthy clothes ranges, while the fashion industry has thrived for years.

It is only recently that Korean fashion has attempted to really branch out beyond its own shores, and the results have spoken for themselves, as Korean clothes have become the talk of the fashion industry. Now, the Korean fashion industry is making a real push to market its clothes worldwide and to bring its ideas to a global marketplace, meaning that Korea has expanded its reach in the industry, and being at the heart of international shipping lanes has also helped to expand appeal.

So as Korean Fashion makes its mark on the international scene, buyers can have the best in high end street fashion and the most innovative of designs. With the popularity of Asian fashion only set to continue its ascent, there is much to look forward to, what will the next generation of up and coming Korean designers do next.

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