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5 Tips for Finding a Prom Dress for Your Body Type

It’s almost that time of the year again: prom time. Millions of young women will be equally nervous and exited about one of the biggest nights in their young life. After finding the cutest and most popular date, the next step is finding the perfect dress. This step can usually take multiple days of shopping. However, one of the easiest ways to shop for the perfect prom dress is to find a dress that fits your specific body type. Once you have the style of dress that is perfect for you, then you can start to narrow down your search. Here are 5 tips for finding a prom dress for your body type.

  1. For pear shapes, because you are smaller on the top and a little more curvaceous on the bottom, you want to find a dress that can accentuate your chest and tone down your bottom half. This can be done with finding a dress that flares at the top with heavy embellishments. The key is to draw the eye to the top without making it obvious. Ball gowns are great for girls with pear shaped bodies, because they are usually tightly fitted at the top, with either a strap or no strap, and the material spans out at the bottom.
  2. For more athletic body types or “rectangle” shaped bodies it is important that you go with a dress that is more form fitting all the way up and down. The last thing you want is to be asymmetrical with the style of your dress, because you will ultimately draw the eye to unflattering parts of your body. You want to find something that shows off your bust and rear end, to give yourself the appearance of having more curves than you do. As an athlete, you are more muscle than curves, so that best thing you can do is to show off what you’ve got.
  3. Another body type is a more round or circular shape. This means you are a little more curvaceous than the rest of the girls, but never fear; there are plenty of sexy options for your body type too. When you are looking for your ultimate prom dress 2013 you want to find a style that doesn’t have much of a waistline, but that can properly accentuate your arms, shoulders and neck. Just because you are a little more round doesn’t mean you can’t show off your best parts and a little skin, appropriately of course.
  4. There are also those “apple” shaped body types, which are a combination of a pear shape and a more round shape. In this case it is always safe to wear something with a looser waistline, but covers your legs to give the illusion of being a little longer than you are. There are plenty of great long gowns perfect for this body type.
  5. Lastly, if you happen to be one of those lucky girls with an hourglass figure, you have plenty of options, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing, because it might take you days to choose the right dress. However, lucky for you, you’ll pretty much look good in any dress you try on.
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