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Mens Wardrobe Essentials

A man's wardrobe can include a number of different items, depending on a person's individual sense of style, but there are a few items that should be found in every closet. Since men have far fewer clothing options than women do, it is important that you have a few items that can be worn in almost any situation. This saves you money, since you do not have to purchase multiple items of clothing, while providing you with a unique look every time you leave the house. 

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Jeans Most men own a few pairs of jeans, but picking up a pair that can be worn in any situation is important to your overall look. A nice pair of dark jeans can be worn on a night out at a club, on a date or on a lazy day at home. The key is to choose a pair that fits you properly, since jeans that are too small can be uncomfortable and jeans that are too large look sloppy. If you can find the perfect pair of jeans, it can be worn with a dress shirt, blazer and dress shoes just as easily as it can be worn with a t-shirt and some tennis shoes. Giving yourself this flexibility with one garment ensures that you never feel out-of-place, no matter where the night takes you.  Shoes While almost all men own at least one pair of proper shoes, certain shoes provide more flexibility than others do. While dress shoes can be uncomfortable, a pair of casual shoes like Clarks, Dr. Martens, Hush Puppies, or Merrells are comfortable enough to wear daily and can double as a pair of dress shoes. While they cannot be worn with a suit, they are nice enough to wear with jeans, khakis or any other type of pants. You can also avoid being denied into certain establishments that do not allow tennis shoes by wearing these, but you do not have to be uncomfortable when doing so. Shirts Once again, giving yourself enough flexibility with the shirts that you purchase is a big key, since you want your shirts to go with everything else in your wardrobe. Fitted shirts are the best way to go, since they do not have to be tucked in to give you the proper fit. A button up, fitted shirt can be worn in any situation and it goes well with both jeans and dress pants. You can even wear it under a suit, as long as it is a neutral colour, which is great news if you want to head out after work without changing. Shirts that go with everything else that you wear are probably the most difficult to find, but you can sure find something that meets your needs if you look hard enough. 

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Although ties are not very comfortable, owning a few of them is a good idea for any man. Make sure that you select a wide variety of ties, depending on the function you will be attending. For formal events, wear a black or a dark blue tie. For casual events, you can wear brighter colours or even ties with designs on them. A nice tie can be worn with jeans and your casual shoes, which gives you an altogether casual, yet sophisticated look.  Selecting Your Wardrobe Overall, your goal should be to choose clothes that have multiple functions and can be worn to any event. There is nothing worse than having only one outfit for each type of event, which is why switching things up a little bit will work out well. Choosing a pair of jeans that goes well with t-shirts and dress shirts alike gives you many different options. If you have multiple pairs of jeans like this, your options grow exponentially. Likewise, buying a few pairs of casual shoes gives you multiple options that you otherwise would not have. Shop smart and you will never find yourself looking for the perfect combination again.

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