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Create everlasting memories with leavers hoodies

Over the years, we Brits have adopted a few things from our American cousins that seem to have fitted perfectly into British culture. The pizza and the hamburger have both come from across the pond and we have embraced them as if they were our own.

Outside the world of food, certain cultural ideas and events have also made the transition. Halloween has become one of the main social events on the British calendar as we discover our love of all things ghoulish by dressing up and taking to the streets, American style.

In perhaps a more formal setting, there are a number of educational and social events that we have also adopted. The high school prom used to be something we only saw in the movies but nowadays more or less every school or college in the country will celebrate the end of the term or school year with a prom function. Even graduation day has become a lot more high profile to mirror that of our American friends.

One-of-a-kind souvenirs

One other tradition has crossed over from America and become a permanent fixture here in the UK is the idea of leavers hoodies. Started in the USA in the 80s and 90s, every graduating member of the class was given a hoody sweater with the year and name of every graduating class member as well as the school insignia. It was a great way for students and teachers alike to remember where they had come from and the friends and good times they made along the way so its popularity is hardly surprising.

It was then no surprise when this tradition very quickly caught on in the UK. Again, schools, colleges and universities embraced the idea and started giving departing students leavers hoodies as a memento. Of course, the whole point of the leavers hoody is that it lasts. It is supposed to serve as a reminder to the person wearing it of where they have come from. 

It also acts as a handy branding tool for the school or institution whose logo is emblazoned or written on the front and back.

Fond memories for years to come

In order for the leavers hoody to fulfil its purpose, it needs to be good quality. The material needs to be comfortable and warm and the printing or stitching must remain visible over time, proving it is resilient to constant wear.

There are certain brands renowned for making the kind of quality hoodies that are needed for making the leavers variety. makes quality hoodies from only the best materials and these are ideal for those looking for a memento of their time at school. Whether you want something more personalised for your specific group of school friends or something more generic which represents the school or university as a whole, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Vary the design, colour and text to give you something you can cherish forever while investing in clothing which will keep your warm, comfortable and content. 

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