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5 Men's Fashion Tips That Will Bring the Right Kind of Attention

Even among the recent fashion trends, men have consistently kept a timeless look that attracts positive attention from onlookers. The look of sophistication has never gone out of style and continues to be one of the best ways to attract the right kind of attention from potential employers and on the street. A refined look with a more classic approach is sure to send the signal to the world that you are an intelligent and successful person.

Here are a few tips on how to nail this look and get noticed by the right people.

1. Add a collar.

For casual days at the office or on the weekend, pair cashmere sweaters or cotton sweaters with a collared dress shirt. This look will give you just the right touch of class with the collar peeking out from under an elegant piece of clothing. These can also be easily dressed up with color and patterns to add extra appeal. Cardigans also allow you to blend the looks together for a quick and easy collared look.

2. Dress up your shoes.

Having the right shoes can make or break an outfit. If your shoes look run down and scuffed up, you lose your fashionable look. Instead, invest in some classic loafers or dress shoes, such as those from Brooks Brothers. If these are too expensive, check clearance racks for timeless looks at a discounted price.

3. Get a sport jacket.

If you want an easy casual look, pair a sport jacket with your favorite dress shirt and a nice, fitted pair of jeans. This will immediately give your look a touch of class. This look is easy for going from the office to dinner or for casual days at work.

4. Choose the right prints.

Timeless prints, such as argyle, paisley or stripes, are a must for any man’s closet. Not only do these prints never go out of style, but they will also further show that you are a man of professionalism and can dress in a wardrobe that will never be out of style.

5. Match your belt to your shoes.

One of the most overlooked parts of dressing is in the details. For a well-rounded and well put together look all the time, your belt must match your shoes.

Use these five tips to bring the attention of potential employers and to command respect wherever you go. With a sophisticated wardrobe, you will earn more confidence which will help you succeed in work and life.

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