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Autumn/Fall Handbag Trends

   The one thing many men do not understand when it comes to women’s relationships with their bags is that the item is not necessarily bought exclusively for practical purposes. Although the bag will of course carry phones, keys, purses and other small items, its purpose can oftentimes be that of an accessory to an outfit – like a pair of shoes, a ladies bag is often used to anchor or add embellishments to an ensemble. As such, there are many considerations that should be taken into account when purchasing a seasonal bag – the size, material and overall look, whether they are vintage or contemporary, are all worth thinking about.


   For the Autumn/Winter seasons, the catwalk shows which influence what will be available on the high streets, have already been and gone and, as such, it is possible to see what the big trends for the season will be. The mini handbag, as it stands, is going to be amongst the biggest trends available in the forthcoming months and, whilst these will be big enough to hold a mobile phone, lipstick and a set of keys, anyone expecting to fit a copy of War and Peace into one will be disappointed. DKNY and Alexander Wang were amongst the more prominent brands who featured tiny bags during their shows and, due to their influence, this could be a celebrated look in many quarters.

Mini Bags

   As fashion, particularly high end fashion, is often about extremes, one of the other main styles on the catwalk have been the return of slightly unfeminine huge tote bags which recall 1940s designs. Miu Miu is one of the most prominent bands to feature such a range and their satchels can be worn with long straps across the body – a look that will appeal more to hipsters than it would those looking for a sophisticated lady-like look.

Animal Print

   For the snazzier end of the market, those looking to add a bit of pizzazz to their look, the latest trend for animal skin and animal print has stretched to bag design too and, like their clothing cousins, a great degree of care should be taken before sporting one. For many, really animal skin can be an ethical concern and, on top of this, there is always the issue of aesthetics. Animal print can often appear garish when teamed with other animal print, clashing with different types of animal designs and becoming overbearing and overwhelming when teamed with a matching design. Leopard print remains a popular choice for many looking to explore their wild side but, for others, new alternatives have sprung up which could provide a fun alternative. Zebra print is one such look but, for those looking for a particularly cute look, Dalmatian print is a fantastic option.

Celebrity Inspired Bags

   One place to always consider looking for inspiration is towards celebrities and the bags they have on their arms or across their shoulders. Mulberry have launched a line named after Lana Del Rey which is more than likely to prove popular with socialites and fashionistas whereas the “Pashlie” from 3.1 Philip Lim is a similarly head-turning design.

Kieron is a fashion writer who blogs regularly on the latest style trends. He suggests checking out Barratts latest range of handbags.

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