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Pulling off the Biker Look - tips for Staying Girly

The biker chick look will never get old. It has its peaks and troughs, but like many classic subcultural styles, it will always look ultra-cool. However, it can be tricky to pull off this style while still looking girly. Unless you have a rear of the year and can get away with full leather trousers, or even (God forbid) hot pants, there is often a compromise to be made between being hot and being feminine.

However, with leather making a strong comeback and, thanks to the weather, many ladies looking for warmer options for their spring style, there has never been a better time to try out the biker look. You needn’t bleach your hair and don a pair of huge, studded biker boots – there are much more girly ways to carry off this casual style.

The essential elements of a girly biker look are as follows.

  • Leather is a must, but a good leather jacket should be fitted, cropped to flatter your waist and have a side zip for authenticity.
  • If you don’t fancy a leather jacket but still want to get the look, experimental fashion lovers can try out the new ‘leather look’ t-shirts that can be found in stores right now. Pair with skinny jeans and leather jewellery to get the perfect finish. 
  • Tank tops are always on trend for the biker look, and if they have classic eagle studs or skull prints, they will work out perfectly under your leather jacket.
  • Biker boots are cool, but you can always go for killer heels as an alternative. Stilettos might not be the most practical, but can glam up a skinny jeans and leather jacket combo for the ultimate girly style.
  • Biker chicks don’t have to be all about leather and denim. Kelly Osbourne was recently spotted by the Daily Mail rocking a biker look in a classic black maxi dress and floral shoes, proving that girly glam can meet biker chic entirely successfully.
  • Your ultimate biker chick leather skirt doesn’t have to be a tight pencil number. With luxe leather a hot trend for 2013 you can get your groove on with a skater-style faux leather skirt and ballet pumps.
  • A figure-flattering bodycon skirt can be dressed up or down, and in faux denim is perfect for showing off those pins and putting the chic into biker chick.
  • When the weather warms up, a full-on biker jacket might be a little bit too much. For a funky alternative, a sleeveless suede jacket brings the biker trend into your spring wardrobe, and will look perfect over a skater dress for a different type of look.
  • Accessories are a great way to add a feminine touch to your biker ensemble. Go for sparkling metallics and leather touches for classy, yet street style.
  • Marvellous makeup touches can make any boyish gal look more feminine. Go for winged, heavy black eyeliner and a girly coral lipstick for a rock chick finish.
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